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Mytee Lite Ii 8070

Meet the Mytee Lite™ 8070 Heated Carpet Extractor, our best-selling automotive detailing extractor and upholstery machine and the first in the industry to include an on-board heater for maximum cleaning power. It runs on only one power cord for maximum convenience wherever you go.

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The Mytee Lite ii 8070 is the perfect heated carpet extractor for mobile auto detailers and small detail shops. Do not let its compact size fool you though. The Mytee 8070 heated extractor is a very powerful unit and will get the job done fast and efficiently.

The Mytee Lite III 8070 is the hard working compact hot water extractor you’ve been searching for! This professional-strength, heated carpet extractor is ideal for detail shops and mobile detailers with a weight of less than 50 lbs.

REVIEW: Mytee Lite 8070 extractor. Is it "the best" for detailing? Mar 19, 2018  · All in all, the Mytee Lite II 8070 Carpet Extractor may have a few minute flaws, but they’re massively overshadowed by the unit’s pros. I couldn’t be more satisfied with this machine and it has undeniably made my life tremendously easier.

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