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Cost Of Detailing A Car

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How much does a full detail cost? The most cost-effective choices come from local car washes, while dedicated detail companies have more options at a higher price. Typically, detailing work is bundled into “packages,” each with a set cost.

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May 16, 2012  · Car detailing goes beyond a car wash to include hand washing of the entire vehicle, waxing, tire cleaning, interior polish, and even small dent removal. They also can take between four and six hours. This information is based upon prices provided by several detailing companies.

The cost of an interior detail varies based on several factors, including the condition of the vehicle, the car’s size, the time spent cleaning the vehicle and even the detailer’s experience level, Schruefer says.

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“If you’re in the US, these will auto populate,” Sullins says, but “if you’re outside the US, you’ll want to update these to match your location.” You can access the monthly cost estimator tool here. …

Car Wash Auto Detailing In this instance, operators can learn from automated wash usage in the growing auto dealership segment of the car care
How Much Is Car Detailing Ottmann Detailing is not your traditional “car wash” service; it’s a car care service. It is pointless to have the

Car detailing prices vary depending upon a number of things. Vehicle size is a major determinant, as is the type of package you select. Basic packages for smaller vehicles are generally less expensive, and additional costs may be added for upgraded services.

A simple car wash gets rid of dirt on the outside of your car, and if you clean the interior you might catch some of the grime with a vacuum, but car detailing takes this process much further.

A car wax buffer can cost $30-$120 or more, and Jorgen’s Shine Shop offers diy kits for $33-$250. Shopping for auto detailing: auto detailing services are typically offered at car washes, specialty stores and auto body repair shops, or by mobile companies using specialized trailers.

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