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Citi Sears Credit Card – What You Need To Know

The Citi Sears card is our number #1 ranked store credit card. Readers often have a lot of questions regarding this card so I decided it was time for a dedicated post (you can read our basic review of the card here). The main reason this card is so popular is because of the frequent spending bonuses Citi sends out on this card, for example the current promotion is 10-20% back at gas, grocery & restaurants.

Citi Sears Card Versions

There are three versions or flavors of this card and the only real difference is the points currency they earn. The three are:

  • Shop Your Way Rewards (SYWR). This is the only version of the card you can sign up for directly currently. This is Sears points currency and can be used for items at Sears, although there is a new gift card option as well.
  • Citi ThankYou Points (TYP). This is Citi’s flexible point currency.
  • Statement Credit. This is cash back in the form of statement credit

Can You Product Change Between Cards?

It used to be possible to sign up for the SYWR version of this card and then product change to either the Citi TYP or statement credit version of this card. The rules then seemingly changed so that the original card needed to be open for a period of 12 months before the product change could be processed. In recent times people have reported being unable to product change, although there have been some reports of it still being possible.

Getting Targeted Spend Offers

When people first sign up for the card they often report not receiving any targeted spending offers. There are two theories:

  1. It takes a set amount of time before any offers will appear.
  2. You need spend on the card to be eligible for these offers.

I think it’s probably a combination of the two in that no matter how much spend you put on the card in the first few months you still might miss out on the first few offers. Once you start receiving an offers you’ll usually have a lot of spend on the card anyway as the offers are so good.

Final Thoughts

This article is a work in progress, I’ll add any other relevant information and answer any questions people have.


Do the spend offers stack?

Yes, the offers do stack. For example if you have the following two offers:

  • Get 10% back at gas/grocery/restaurants from 1/1/21 until 3/3/21
  • Spend $2,000 or more with your Citi Sears Card from 2/1/21 until 4/1/21 and earn a $90 statement credit

Then you could spend $2,000 at a gas station and earn $200 from the first promotion and an additional $90 from the second promotion. The dates and offers are just an example.

What’s the best sign up bonus offer on this card?

Most people get this card for the spending bonuses rather than the sign up bonus. I believe the highest bonus we’ve seen is $200 as a sign up bonus, but again the real deal is in the spending offers.


Source: doctorofcredit.com

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