• Design and management of water treatment programmes for the safe and effective operation of:
              - boiler systems
              - cooling water and air-scrubbing systems
              - building services water systems
  • Site or Building Surveys/Risk Assessments/Safety Audits/Customised Hygiene Log Assembly
  • L8 cleaning and sterilization services

  • On-site routine monitoring of water treatment and water hygiene programmes
  • Operator training programmes
  • Trouble-shooting services (water treatment problem diagnosis)
  • Treatment chemicals (as appropriate)

  • Dosing/control systems
  • Water softening/De-ionisation/R.O. plant
  • U.V. systems

  • Filtration systems
  • Chemical cleaning services
  • Effluent treatability studies
  • Laboratory analytical services
            - Routine analytical
            - Legionella pneumophila
            - Drinking water quality control
            - Effluent monitoring
            - Metallurgical studies
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