RK 2000


Could you use a non-hazardous cleaning fluid which will remove rust from metal surfaces and also passivate the cleaned surface, in a unique one-step action? This cleaning fluid is of approximately neutral pH and, therefore, requires no pre-neutralisation before disposal.

Because of its non-hazardous nature, RK2000 is used by leading chemical cleaning companies as an effective but risk-free alternative to acids, with the bonus of not requiring any follow-up passivation treatment. Details of the formulation have been confidentially discussed with representatives of Thames Water, Severn Trent Water and Anglian Water, who subsequently raised no objection to its disposal via the normal sewerage system. Leading architectural/consulting engineering companies have also approved the product, one for 'world-wide' use.

Typical Applications

  • Pre-commission cleaning of building water systems
  • Non-hazardous, on/line removal of corrosion products from hot and chilled water systems
  • Enhancement of L8 cleaning of cooling water systems
  • Boiler cleaning
  • Tank cleaning
  • Restoration cleaning of rusted tools and equipment

What is RK 2000?

RK2000 is an aqueous solution composed of a carefully balanced blend of non-hazardous complexing and surface-active agents.

How does it work?

RK2000 permeates into rust deposits, allowing intimate contact of the complexants, which then take iron into solution by disturbance of the natural ionisation balance present at the rust/fluid interface.

This effect causes loss of cohesion of the rust, with the result that simultaneously minute particles of rust are also leached out, which process is assisted by circulation or agitation of the RK2000 solution.

The overall effect is a 'skimming off' of rust deposits, on a layer-by-layer basis, in a way which retains the removed rust either in solution or as a semi-colloidal suspension which minimises the potential for downstream re-fouling of the system.

How effective is RK2000?

A single application of RK2000 should remove all but the most aged and intractable rust deposits

The effect of RK2000 is well illustrated by the photographs shown here.

The colour photograph shows both halves of a rusty steel bolt, which had been suspended in a 5% solution of RK2000 in ordinary tap water. No heat was applied, but the solution was stirred for approximately 2 hours. On removal from the RK2000 solution the immersed section was simply rinsed down briefly with water. The photograph was actually taken several months after the cleaning, and illustrates the highly passive nature of the cleaned section, which is a unique feature of the use of RK2000. 'Flash-rusting', as commonly seen when using mineral acids is unknown with RK2000.



The photomicrographs(20 magnifications) of the test specimen show clearly the beneficial effect of the RK2000 cleaning solution. Micro-analytical examination of the cleaned section showed no detectable elements other than the iron of the base material. The high passivity of the cleaned metal is considered to be due, therefore to its extreme cleanliness.

RK 2000, the future in rust protection and removal, is available only from SCI-CHEM International, an associated company of Alan Edwards & Partners.

For further details and to order RK2000, see our contact page.

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